Saturday, November 7, 2009

Will to Change

Teacher Ophelius:

Today’s message is about change.  All things are changing, for nothing can remain unchanged except for the divine love of God.  You are changing day by day, and the soul is growing and evolving in differing amounts in relation to your spiritual receptivity and your willingness to allow the divine love to flow through you.  The theater in which you perform is changing and new opportunities are set before you where you have choices to make and paths to follow.  Your life in the flesh is a short but intense “crash-course” if you will, in decision making and learning.  In many ways it is similar to life on the mansion worlds in that it provides many opportunities for decision, change, and learning, yet is it different in that the adversity under which those decisions are made can both excel your soul growth and progression or retard it to the point of extinction by becoming “unreal.”

Many on your world resist change and will go to great lengths to avoid the inevitable.  They crave comfort, ease, entertainment, and passive living, but even these material minded individuals will be given the opportunity to change and grow through hard lessons.  Their Thought Adjusters, guides, and guardians will provide the matrices of change and they will be brought before the great mirror of the soul in which they may look upon it and allow the divine love to awaken them or to willfully return to the path of hard lessons and the delusions of unreality.

To resist divine love is to squander the opportunities for great soul growth and invite the pain of regret when that soul is finally awakened to the truth of God‘s plan for their continued existence.  Each sphere of progression provides unique opportunities for growth, which can never be experienced again in the eternal career, thereby making each day and opportunity precious.  Immerse yourselves in this theater of life my beloved, allow change to mold you into that which the Father wills for your life.  Unplug from the illusion of materialism and face that mirror of the soul, look deep into it, and make the changes that will allow the divine love to flow through you and into those around you.

It is the Father’s will that you become perfect.  He loves you and wants you to experience the supreme joy of knowing Him and experiencing all the wonders and adventures he has prepared for you in the grand universe and beyond.   Let us not resist this change toward perfection, but embrace it as a divine gift and as evidence of our love for Him as we allow His will and divine love to pull us ever inward and into oneness with Him.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven


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