Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grief and Ascension

Teacher Ophelius:

Today I will speak about grief and about those that have left the earth, shed the flesh, and have passed on to the next phase of their ascension on the seven mansion worlds of Morontia training and progression.  Many who have lost loved ones suffer greatly and grieve excessively for their absence and still more spend the greater part of their remaining lives in a state of grief and bewilderment unable to move forward and live normal productive lives, as their indwelling spirit would have them. 

Naturally, you have great love for family and friends and it is truly a traumatic experience for many to lose those that they love, for no more will they see them in this life; no more will they walk through your door; no more will you hear their familiar voice fill the room.  There is a great silence and vacuum in the pit of the soul that yearns for the presence of these loved ones and we often deny the reality and gravity of living a life without this person.  We want to know that they are safe and happy in this “somewhere” they have gone, but we have no assurances because we really do not know.

The extent of our suffering is equally due to the lack of information or revelation, and the church has utterly failed to provide this comfort of knowing.  What we hear is “He has gone home to be with the Lord,” or “She is in heaven now and is at peace.”  Much of Jesus’ teachings regarding the “many mansions in my Father’s house” have been lost.  His apostles little understood these teachings about the training worlds of human ascension and so they never made it into the record, save a few statements here and there.  Paul mentions the “better country” briefly in his letters to the church about his near death experience after being nearly killed by stoning.

My beloved, let me assure you as one who has passed through the portals of death and is now standing in that “better country” in the higher spheres of light, that it is a real place, and it is very beautiful, and I am surrounded by other loving personalities and friends.  For I am in the Father’s house, all my needs are provided for, and I am constantly astonished by the unending grandeur and opportunities to learn and grow and become more like Him, the Creator of all.  Your loved ones are safe, well cared for, and in the company of friends, angels, and teachers, and never will there be a dull moment for them.  All will go unto a place where they belong and will be given the opportunities to progress into yet higher spheres of light, for it is the Father‘s will.

It is well that you grieve my beloved, but let there also be tears of joy for knowing that all is well for those that have gone before us.  Take comfort in knowing that they will be there to greet you when you awaken in the resurrection halls of mansonia and you will again feel the touch of their embrace and gaze at their youthful countenance.


The Circle of Seven


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