Sunday, December 6, 2009

You are not an Orphan

Commentary from Chris1111:

As the year end approaches, I’ve been reflecting on some of the many letters I receive from readers of the Correcting Time blog, and many of them have a common thread that speaks of frustration about their inability to achieve contact with Midwayers and celestial teachers.  Most seem to be willing and waiting for this contact to happen, but no matter what they try, most will say they have failed and doubt that they will ever have this ability or believe that they are somehow genetically or physiologically inept to have this higher level contact.

I am not immune to these same feelings of frustration about wanting more spiritual contact and with greater clarity of spirit sight and hearing.  I sometimes feel that I am stuck at a certain level of awareness and that I will never exceed this current threshold of spirit perception.  This may sound strange to many coming from someone who posts spirit messages, but I believe that no matter where you are in your spiritual path, God’s call to perfection will always leave you wanting more, and if you feel this, then you should consider yourself blessed that you have this awareness of spiritual gravity.

In reply to one of these letters, I said this: “As I said in my brief note to you earlier, ‘you are not an orphan by any means.’  You undoubtedly have some very loving and caring guides that have helped to bring you to the place that you are now--to be aware of your spiritual inheritance; your TA; the revelation of the Urantia Book; and the spirit messages from celestials under the administration of Christ Michael and the Correcting Time.  You are in a place far above many millions of your brothers and sisters on this planet.  Do you not comprehend the gift of having this kind of divine knowledge and the mindset to believe it?  Think about how far you have come--from a time when you were floundering about without purpose to this now state of spiritual yearning with the tools and revelation of un-dogmatized truth at you feet.  You are not someone who is genetically or physiologically incapable--far from it.”

“You have been assigned a teacher and he is speaking to you in the super-conscious state.  He is waiting for you to stop trying so hard!  You set yourself up for failure--‘I know I am doing all the right things, but I know I will still not hear, see, or feel.’  A self fulfilling prophecy.  Being ‘ready and willing’ as you say, is like being stuck in neutral and just revving your engine.   You need to forget self, forget about looking at the clock, and live your life as the Master would have you--in service to others.  When you start to ‘do’ these selfless things and take the focus off of yourself, then will you be given greater spiritual power and awareness.  Spiritual power is only given to be used in service to others.  In your prayers and meditations you should be asking, ‘How may I serve today Father?’ ‘Send someone in need into my path that I may share this portion of light you have given me.’  Let that be your intension.”

Many of those who are making contact with the Midwayers and other spirit personalities, are doing so as the result of using the Akashic Construct meditation from the 1111 Progress Group.  They are using it to heal their brothers and sisters that are in need--a selfless act of compassion and service.  Again, when “they” see this commitment to serve, this is when you become of value to them, and then will they reveal themselves to you.  Not all of us are healers--we all have our special gifts and talents.  It was my desire to reach out to others through the written word, and so, a teacher was provided that would help me to achieve this selfless act to serve others with guidance through spiritual messages.  All can achieve some level of success in contact through persistence and sincerity of heart.

Many are being prepared for service and contact by being led to spiritual truth and knowledge for which they have acquired an intense desire for.  This happens as a result of spirit influence to prepare the mind for greater super-conscious input--this is the first stage of spirit contact and teaching.  Evidence of this first-stage spirit teaching may be found in fragments of dream memory.  If you have had some extraordinary dreams or fragmented dream memory that would not be classed as “normal” dreaming, then it’s a pretty good indicator this may be happening.  When you ask for a teacher, this is where they start--they won’t just knock on your door and whisper in your ear after you ask, they start with preparation and planning--they work in ways that are not our ways.  So you see, they do come at your request, but not on your terms or expectations.

It is important to keep these things in mind when we have doubts and feel frustrated.  We are not orphans, but beloved children of the Father of all creation, where by He reaches down to even the lowliest of his creatures and lifts them up to the heights of paradise.


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