Saturday, November 28, 2009

Call to Action

Teacher Athenia:

This is Athenia of the Circle.  Change on your world is happening at a quickened pace now in this Correcting Time.  Many thousands a day are being added to the list of those who would receive the 11:11 time prompts.  It is important that these newcomers know the truth about these prompts and about the Correcting Time rather than getting side tracked into numerology and other speculative theories.   The Midwayers as well as many others are putting pressure on the earth to bring as many as will hear to awaken to the spiritual calling of universe and to join the family of the sons of God.  It is Christ Michael’s desire that these time prompted individuals join with us to prepare the earth for it’s glorious transformation as we near the beginning stages of the age of light and life--all eyes are upon you.

Nowhere in all Nebadon is such care and attention being given to any one planet as is your world, for it is true that the last shall be first and the least shall be greatest in the kingdom, and the earth has certainly had its share of darkness and rebellion and is now being brought into balance.

It may seem for a time that conditions are deteriorating and getting worse rather than better, but this is only for a short season, and those who are material minded will see it this way, but you who are awakening to your spiritual natures will look beyond this veil of tears and see the good purpose and the changing attitudes of people all over the planet toward peace and unity.  Join with this momentum and watch the brotherhood of man blossom.

The workers are few and the harvest is many--thousands more will be finding their way to the portals of 1111 and these numbers will continue to increase--you should prepare to assist this wave of searching souls.  Those light workers that have the knowledge should step up their efforts to assist those that are currently bearing the weight--all are being called to duty, and all have something to offer.  You will have much help from our side my brothers and sisters--call on spirit.

God Speed,

The Circle of Seven.


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