Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Lesson on Sharing

Teacher Ophelius:

Today’s lesson is about sharing. You may think, “sharing is a lesson for children, why would I, as an adult, need such a lesson?”  Let me remind you, that you are “children” of the most high God and many of the woes on your world are a direct result of selfishness, and this is a most potent spirit poison my friends that separates us from the love of the Father because it runs in opposition to His nature.  For He shares all with us and with his myriad of created children throughout the far flung universes.  He is so willing to share all that he has given a part of Himself to live in our mind and to teach and direct us to know how to become like Him that we may share in all the glories and sublime adventures that await us in our eternal careers.  Only through sharing do we grow and move together as an organism--a part of the whole seeking unity and perfection in Him, God the Supreme.

Think about where you might be today without sharing--without the sharing of knowledge, without charity, without compassion.  Without it, love could not exist. For love can only exist when it is shared with others, and this is why the Father shares all with us, because he loves us.  You may not feel loved by God because of the failures, hardships, and disappointments in your life.  You may ask, “where is he and why has he not shared his blessings with me?”  My friends, the Father’s love for you is constant in the universe.  It is only you who deflect it away by thinking and acting in opposition to His nature (will).  You are not being punished for disobedience. No, you have only failed to learn how to align yourself with His good nature--His will.  Sharing is key to learning this alignment process and when you live and learn how to share love with your fellows, you will discover this golden key that unlocks the treasures of eternal life and perfection attainment where you can share in all of creation and become a part of it in partnership with the Creator of all.  His blessings will overflow your cup my friends when you learn this simple truth about sharing.

We teach our children about the sharing of “things,” that they may become better citizens, and does it not bless your heart to observe this behavior in your children?  Let us now graduate to the knowledge of higher love by applying these kindergarten principals in our daily lives and bless our Father’s heart as he observes how we emulate his divine nature and align ourselves with his perfect will.  Let us close the umbrella of selfishness and let the blessings of God rain down and overflow our cup today my beloved.  The Father wants you to know joy and feel His love--let us learn how to receive.

Good day,

The Circle of Seven


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