Sunday, February 7, 2010

Never Too Late to Change

Teacher Ophelius:

How many times have you heard or said, “That is just the way I am, I’ve always been this way, and I can never change?”  This is a statement of rationalization, and an excuse for slothful behavior.  All things in time must change and all will come to light or become unreal and vanish.  There are only two types of beings:  Those that do the will of God and those that do not, and this is not a matter of who is a sinner and who is a saint.  No, those that choose to stagnate or circumvent the will of the Father are like mice in a maze.  They meander without goal down dead end paths while the days of their lives pass quickly by without gaining any real ground or coming any closer to the exit that leads to eternal life.  They continually look back on their “glory days,” as a time in their lives when there was a glimmer of progress and a forward direction for which fear and circumstance eventually lead them away and into the maze of mundane existence and material pursuits that left them unsatisfied and their souls wanting.

These “lost children” are not really lost, for they only cloak themselves in a shroud of unreality which they believe is the abandonment of divine watch care, when in reality God is always there pointing the way--it is only they who pretend not to see.  It is easier to roll over and stay under the warm covers of indecision than to stand and face truth and reality--to listen to the voice of their indwelling.  Yet do they choose to drown out the voice of the divine and let the talking heads of this world tell them what to think and how to feel.  For these ones, only the hard lessons and tragic events can jolt them to attention.

It’s never too late to change my beloved, for you can, right now--this day, stop and make a decision that can change who your were into who you are to become.  When you finally come to the realization that you have become lost in the maze, you can call on God to guide you out and into the paths of righteousness that lead to eternal life.  However, your decision to allow divine guidance must be one of sincerity and true intent, for God is not a genie come to save you from peril and then let you sink back into old habits when the waters settle.  

Make the decision to change and allow God to fight along side you in your life battles.  Open yourself up and allow his love to flow through you and into others.  Only by doing the will of God can you know true happiness and experience the joy of self-forgiveness and fearless living.  To receive love and mercy, one must show love and mercy, for this is the way to eternal life and membership in the family of God.


The Circle of Seven


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