Sunday, March 28, 2010

Taking Care of Business

Teacher Athenia:

Today's message is about taking care of business--the business of life.  What I mean by this is making time and doing those things that can make a difference and leave a lasting impression in the lives of those you love.  How many of you can think back and remember a time in your life where someone; a friend, a teacher, a favorite aunt or uncle, a brother or sister, a grandfather or grandmother, your parents; went out of their way to do something special or spend time with you where it made you feel loved, happy, and excited.  They made a profound and lasting impression on you that may have caused you to choose a different path in life that perhaps you would not have taken had this person not taken the time to pay you attention at this critical moment in your life. 

Take a moment and think about this and bring that person to mind now.  This event, this memory, this person, has contributed directly to the growth of your soul and has left an eternal fingerprint on your life record that can never be lost--it has become treasure and put in safe keeping for use throughout your eternal career.  Its worth has had an exponential effect on your life and the lives of others directly or indirectly, and continues to grow and bear new fruit.  This is the business I refer too, and this is taking care of the Father's business. 

It is through a simple act of love and kindness that the Father often works His will through you and others that shapes the soul and strengthens the character of His children to bring them along that path to perfection.  Let us disconnect from our busy lives for a moment and think about how we can be the channel of the Father's will and go out of our way to make a lasting impression on the life of someone we love.  Be the memory maker for someone that they may keep on deposit the treasure of that moment where they were made to feel special; was given your undivided attention; or some loving instruction that will change the course of their life path in the greatest or least of ways.  By doing so, you will discover that the treasure is deposited in both accounts dear friends, where it will remain forever and can never be taken away.  How blessed are those that make it their business to do the Father's business and fill their lives with these special moments touching the lives of others and planting the seeds of love.  For they are the salt of the earth.  Let us go now and take care of the business of life.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven


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