Sunday, April 4, 2010

Building a Legacy

Teacher Ophelius:

Today I would like to talk about what a legacy is and the value of making your mark in the world for the benefit of future generations.  You may think, " I am no one of great importance--I am no genius, and I cannot possibly leave behind anything of real value that I would be remembered for."  True, you may not be any of these things as an individual, but together as a collective, you can change the world.  Each one of you through your decisions and actions has the ability to steer the great ship of humanity into the coming age of Light and Life.  How you live your life and raise your children; the great example you are to your fellows; all these things you do as you become a mature personality who is striving for perfection and following the program laid out before you by your Indwelling Spirit adds value to the collective consciousness of humanity. 

Teaching your children tolerance, love, understanding of others; an appreciation for creativity, and the value of seeing each individual as a child of God is a very important part of leaving a great legacy.  Even if you have no children, or if you have already raised your children, you can still be an example to the world because you are progressive, and you teach through the wisdom of your words and actions as one who is ascending his or her Circles in the perfection of human personality.

As mind and thought evolve, one sole at a time on your world, so will the world change and make manifest those higher ideals and values of the collective.  It is progressive thought that leads the way to a greater age.  All you need do is look back on history to see the fingerprints of progressive minds who defied the status quo and through creativity and determination pulled humanity into a brighter era.  It is in you, how you "live and move and have your being" that you become co-creators with Him, the creator of all. 

When the earth struggle is over, what do you envision as your legacy to the world?  What will others say about you and remember you for?  It is the imprint of your life on others that changes the world my beloved.  Never think that a small act of love and kindness has no real value, for the greatest achievements in human progress are inspired by the trifles of love an attention planted in the soil of genius.  Each one of you has an important part to play in the co-creation of the universe and your gift of experience to the Supreme.  Make every new day an opportunity to place your "brick in the wall" and build your legacy for the betterment of the world in which you live. 

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven


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