Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Website Announcement

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce the "unveiling" of our new website.  If you came here by bookmark, link, or from a web search, we would like to redirect you to the new site:   

We are leaving the blog up for a period of time because there are some resources here that are not yet on the new site.  Once those resources have been successfully exported, this site will be decommissioned. 

Thanks for all your support.  Enjoy the new website!


Chris Maurus & The Correcting Time Team

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Destiny Points—The Crossroads of Decision

Teacher: I AM (Thought Adjuster)

Dear One, it is I AM—your Beloved Indwelling.  Within the lifetime of any person there is what I call, “Destiny Points” and there are many.  These are conjunctions or intersections where the life plan of the soul and the life path of the individual come together at a crossroads and at this “point” there is a decision to be made.  Sometimes the individual is aware of the importance of this decision and other times the Destiny Point is subtle and may not enter into one’s consciousness, yet it must still be acted on subconsciously.  The Destiny Points are opportunities for growth and for the highest good of the soul and they are afforded to you by my direction as I AM your spiritual operator.

Each decision made by the free will of the individual determines the “branch” or pathway to the next Destiny Point.  For those who are still sleeping, the branches weave in and out of the soul path bringing the individual face to face with opportunities to awaken in the form of lessons learned through the trials of life.  If the opportunity is passed over—ignored, then is another branch “calculated” and another point determined that will afford another chance to grow.  The guardian angels and destiny guardians work closely with the Father Fragments to guide the life path of the individual to the next Destiny Point. 

The matrices for these calculated branches are complex beyond your understanding and all decisions made affect universe destiny in some way great or small.  The greater the effect on universe destiny, per the decision of the individual, the more spiritual resources are used to manage the conjunction of the Destiny Point for the individual or group of individuals who affect that change.  What do I mean by universe destiny?  Universe destiny is the “River of Life” which flows from imperfection to relative perfection in time.  Just as sentient beings are learning, growing, progressing, and moving toward relative perfection through the experiences of life, so too are societies, nations, planets, star systems, and the galactic mother wheels of creation—all evolving, growing, changing, settling into a more perfect form of balance and harmony.  All of these things make up the body of the whole organism and each life; each soul; on any world of time is important and valued and is “calculated” into the whole equation of universe destiny. 

Who you are, what decisions you make, and how you affect the lives of others in your life circle; in your community; in your nation; and on your planet, are important to the whole organism and universe destiny.  Do you realize how valued you are by the Father?  For He has placed in you the co-creative power to change the destiny of your planet—to be a partner with God and to participate in the Correcting Time which has been carefully established by your celestial planetary managers.  For those who have awakened and are aware of the great effort in play to change the destiny of your planet, more resources are afford to those who are willing to work with spirit and therefore are more energies (opportunities) placed on those branches that lead to the next Destiny Point for the co-creative child.

Choose wisely, choose carefully, and be mindful of the outcomes of your decisions—great or small.


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Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Divine Partnership (Part 1)

Teacher: Ophelius
Moderator: Chris Maurus

Q (Chris): How do we know when the Indwelling Spirit (the Thought Adjuster or “TA”) is speaking to us, or through us, and under what conditions will this occur?

Dear One, this is Ophelius,

This is a question that is asked by many and it is a valid question because those who have moved beyond mere curiosity and have a real desire to make contact with their God Fragments are making the most important decision they can make—to have an intimate relationship with deity.  Many are seeking indicators and instruction because they believe it has occurred or will occur when they sincerely create the conditions necessary for this kind of divine communication. 

Now, I will speak frankly to those who I consider “students on the path,” meaning those individuals who are spiritual (becoming aware) and who are not resisting the leading of the TA.  It is a rare occurrence when an individual from your planet consciously becomes aware that they are hearing their TA—many do indeed hear, yet they are not aware.  This is because of the tight integration between the mind and the TA.  However, I will say that in this Correcting Time, the Universal Father’s direct influence through the Divine Fragments is necessary to move the planet on a path toward light and life and more of His children are becoming aware of His voice and influence through the TA.

Like any important relationship, communication is vital to strengthen the intimacy between the two.  To develop this awareness, you will want to become an “active partner,” meaning you “allow” this divine partner to be involved in all your inner thoughts and inner dialog.  You must create a conscious space for the presence of the TA to “sit,” even if you do not feel it—by faith, you will acknowledge the Indwelling Presence like an intimate friend who loves you unconditionally.  Please understand that this is unconditional acceptance of who you are and that all thoughts can be shared regardless of the subject matter.  The TA chose to indwell you and knows everything about you—how you think and act; what beliefs you have; and is aware of all your imperfections and short comings.  There is no need to try and hide your most intimate thoughts or embarrassing moments—the TA knows all about it, so begin to bring the TA into all your intimate inner dialog.  This is how you build a relationship—trust is vital to your success.

The TA has been present with you since your first moral decision usually just prior to your sixth birthday and so it is time for you to acknowledge this “old friend” and bring Him or Her into your “inner sanctum” and everyday life.

Chris:  I actually do feel this partnership now—all my inner dialog, my deep thoughts, my spiritual instructions to others has this partnership integration and "voice" that is my own, yet is coming from this much deeper place and presence that I feel is within me, yet the demarcation between me and my TA is blurred—the voice is a "harmony."  It is difficult to explain in words.

Ophelius:  Yes, exactly, this is why in so many of the messages you receive there is always an emphasis on acknowledging the presence of the TA.   When you develop this relationship to the point where you are constantly "checking in" with the TA, you begin to feel this partnership.  Training your mind to acknowledge the partnership is vital to giving the TA more "allowance" to work in your mind and become more integrated.  This world—in this Correcting Time, needs individuals who will "allow" this partnership to flourish so that the Father's Will can be worked through the individual to help move this world toward healing, light and life. 

It is not so important that you know of the “distinction” between you and your TA, but rather you acknowledge the partnership and feel the “harmony.”

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Big 3Qs

From the Desk of Chris Maurus

Who am I?  Why am I here?  What’s this life all about?  Of all the questions about life that might be asked that could lead you to a place of wholeness, fulfillment, and provide a sense of unity with all life in the universe, these three questions would be at the top of the list.  Why are these three questions so important to you and why should you care to ask them?  They are important because they are fundamental, irreducible, and universal to all sentient beings in the universe whether it is on this planet, a distant planet in a faraway galaxy, or on some other plane of reality unknown to you.  If you are alive and have consciousness, these three questions, when asked in all sincerity with pure child-like faith and wonder, are the keys to unlocking the personal revelations that give your life meaning and drive the experiences in your life that lead to growth, enlightenment, and sense of purpose.

Many of you have heard or read about these amazing people who have transformed their ordinary, mundane, sometimes tragic lives into these extraordinary purpose driven, compassionate, faith filled lives—people who love life and love their place in it and who are transforming the lives of others around them—they all have a common thread underlying their stories.  They all have been face-to-face with a moment of clarity about their own life and purpose, whether it was brought on by a near death experience, a dark night of the soul, a religious consecration, or some other life changing event that made them “pause,” step out of their present reality, and open themselves up in complete trust and vulnerability to ask “the questions.” 

These questions may not have been spoken exactly like these three, for it might have been a call for help, but in any case, there is this defining moment where the whole world around you fades into the background and you are left standing alone and willing to let all your layers, your masks, your pride, and cloaked fears peel away revealing the naked “true-self” before the councils of the universe. 

This is a faith-born moment, one for which the soul thirsts for and where the mind takes a backseat to the heart’s desire for real connection with the origin of its making.  When you get to this place of soul-bearing solitude within, you are asking a question, which means you are “in faith” establishing a personal, one-on-one relationship with “deity” and trusting with “child-like” purity that your questions will be answered; your pleas for help will be heard; or you have unequivocally consecrated your will to allow yourself and life to be led by God.

This is the true moment of clarity for many and it is the first time in life when will-power is focused with laser-like precision coupled with the supreme desire “to know.”  This moment of clarity transcends mere curiosity, for it becomes completely transformative—it is the “birth of the spirit” as was described by Jesus more than 2000 years ago.  It is an alignment of “will” vibration with the Creator—an acknowledgment of the parent/child relationship.

“Ask and you shall receive…”

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

How Precious is your Life?

Teacher Ophelius:

How precious is your life?  Do you ever stop to think about the value and meaning of life on earth?  Have you ever really stopped all the busy thoughts going through your mind—the distractions of your day, the hurt feelings of your past and the hardships of earning your keep and paying your bills?  Let’s put all those thoughts aside for a moment and really sit with this idea of what life really means.  Are you with me? 

You are alive—you have life—you have awareness—consciousness, and you are experiencing your life in this material world in time and in space.  Your thoughts are your own, and you may choose what thoughts to have and your may direct what experiences in this world you may have as you go about your day.  You record your experiences in memory—you learn from them, and you glean wisdom.  There are other people in your world, in your life, who are also experiencing life in a similar way—having their own thoughts and their own experiences.  They too are recording their experiences in memory and learning different values and seeing the world differently than you.  There are billions of you who live on this planet all having these unique experiences—all recording them in memory—billions of experiential co-creators who are alive!

The most important experiences in life are the experiences of relationships—your interaction with other’s consciousness.  Why are these so important?  It is through these relationships where you first experience love, where you learn truth, where you see beauty, and where you find goodness.   These are eternal values and these experiences are committed to memory and saved in the soul-trust for use in the continuing journey as you leave this planet and awaken on the shores of a higher realm where you continue to experience your life—yes, your life continues, my friends, and you retain your identity and personality, for without this continuity of consciousness, the value of your life is diminished and the purpose for which you were created has come to naught.  Life in eternity is for your choosing—when you understand your purpose, that choice is easy—“Yes, I want to live forever and continue to experience the wonders of the creation and share those experience with my Creator Father.”

Do you not see how important your life is to the Creator?  You are a co-creative partner with God—you are the “experiencers” who fulfill the Will of the Creator to have “all experience” in all worlds, in all realms of the creation.  God requires diversity and that is why you are all different and unique.  Through the agency of the Indwelling Spirit, the Thought Adjuster, does the Creator look out through your eyes to see and experience the world around you.  You are given the opportunity to direct your life using the gift of free will to assure that no two experiences are alike—like you, they are all unique, all loved, all cherished, all valued, and all have purpose.  Think about what stupendous love the Creator has for you that He offers you the gift of eternal life, and all that is required of you is that you think about this and come to the conclusion that “I want to live forever and continue my life as a co-creative partner with God!”

Now, having said that, I want you to start thinking about the quality of your life and experiences—life on earth is but a short stay.  Live well, my friends, live well.

Blessed are you all!

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

This is Your Destiny

Thought Adjuster:

I AM here—always with you, for I never leave you—you are never alone.  I AM not far off in an unreachable place.  Where you go, I go also.  I see what you see.  I hear what you hear.  I feel what you feel.  I experience all that you experience, yet I gather and hold only those experiences that are necessary for your future life and the lessons for your growth.  I am always “adjusting” to the changing conditions of your heart and mind and speaking softly to guide you toward those decisions that will bring you to a place of greater understanding.  I amplify the feelings of joy in you when you choose to love and when you make decisions that lead to growth and understanding.  I AM here to show you the way—to pilot you across the vastness of the creation—to explore all the wonders and sublime realms and worlds that are the classrooms and playgrounds for your perfection attainment.

We are partners, and the more you realize and acknowledge our partnership, the more integrated I become with you.  My love for you is truly unconditional, and like a beloved partner, I accept all of you—all your decisions, even when I know they will lead to sorrow, for in the sorrow there is a lesson there that has value when you allow me to enlighten you.  I AM your Divine Operator and I coordinate and bring together all the spiritual resources that I “Will” for you to have according to your willingness and maturity to receive.

Your present reality—the terrestrial life in this realm is where you experience and learn the rudiments of love.  As a child, you had no waking consciousness of Me, and yet I observed you and monitored your life—making loving adjustments to your thoughts—guiding you without your knowing.  Progress was slower then, but now that you are aware of my presence within you, I can accelerate your growth when you willingly come to me and allow your thoughts to align with my guidance.  The most potent form of alignment is when you communicate directly with the Father—Creator of all.  In this place of alignment, there is no need of any celestial operator or intermediary, I AM your direct channel to the Creator of all.  I AM a “fragment” of this same Creator—wholly connected and replete, yet specialized to do the work of integrating the creature consciousness with divine consciousness until that day when “we” becomes “I.” 

That day can only come about when you bring me into your consciousness and make me a “full partner” acknowledging my presence within you—with complete trust, and knowing that I AM here to lovingly guide you to perfection.  When you whole heartedly consecrate your will to the Father (in your imperfect form and present awareness) and allow me to teach and guide, you will, eventually, “sit at no man’s feet,” for within this intimate circuit is all love, all knowledge, all connection to the Highest Source of creation.  All this—the mysteries of the universes lay ahead for your astonishment and wonder—to personally experience together with me as we ascend to paradise and finally stand as One in the presence of the Creator—to receive the divine embrace—to be deemed a Finalitor of god-likness and to experience Love in its purest form.



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Sunday, October 12, 2014

What is it that you truly Desire?

Teacher Ophelius:

Today, my dear friends, I have a question for you.  What is it that you truly desire?  I would like for you to sit with this question and narrow it down into the one most important thing that you feel would make you most complete and whole.  Be completely honest with yourself and speak it openly: “The one most important thing that I desire that would make me feel complete and whole is _____________________________________________.”

I do not want to lead you to a place where you answer this because of what I say or teach, yet I want you to develop a sense of clarity about who you are; your value as a human being; and your sense of life purpose.  This can only be answered by you.  What I can tell you is that you, as a race of beings (humans), were created to be co-creative experiential partners with the Creator and that you are unconditionally loved and offered the opportunity to live eternally if you so choose to continue your life in pursuit of the Father’s calling to “Be perfect as I AM perfect.”  This directive challenges you to continue your life beyond this world into the higher worlds and realms of the multiverse where you will learn and experience things your imagination has no reference for—experiences of such beauty and sublime grandeur—having personal relationships with myriads of diverse creatures that populate and administrate this master universe—the very experiences that will finally bring you across the universes of time and into the presence of the Creator Himself.

And what is the one most important thing that will bring you across the universes and into the Creator’s presence on paradise?  Perfection, yes?  But how is it that we truly become perfect?  The answer is very simple, yet to arrive at this simple answer is to eliminate all the other possibilities until the purity of this one answer has become who you are.  You, my dear friends, were created in love—to be loved, and to return to that love from which you were created.  At the core of your soul—the true self that is in development grows in direct relationship with the quality of love you understand.  To understand love, means you have experienced love and expressed love at the level of your understanding.  The more you understand love, the closer and more god-like will be the essence of your soul where you will finally approach relative unity of vibration and oneness with the Creator—to know love as the Creator is love.

At present, most of you are discovering, as you go about your daily life, what love is not.  Some will have those moments of clarity and experience the “peaks” that make a life-long impression where you touched love in a form that helped you understand the rudiments of real love where your soul expanded and you developed a hunger to find another moment of clarity where yet another peak could be experienced that would make you feel “whole.”  To feel “whole” is to fill the “hole” in your understanding—to experience love in higher and more pure forms with less conditions until love becomes you and you become an expression of the Creators Will here and hereafter.  As we chain together all these peak experiences where we discovered a deeper layer of love, we build a soul that is more and more perfect and more reflective of the Creator Himself.  This is how we ascend to perfection, my friends, and this is how we answer the Creator’s call.  How long is it between peaks—days, weeks, months, years?  As free-will creatures you control and decide the intervals between love experiences. 

Again, what is it that you truly desire?  Was your answer something that would help you understand love at a deeper level?

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Connection between Centers

Teacher Ophelius:

Today we would like to focus on the heart and mind centers and the important connection between the two.  Like any good functioning system, there needs to be a strong conduit where energy flows freely from one center to the other.  The heart and the mind are the two most essential centers within you for experiencing the world in a healthy way, for if the conduit that connects one to the other is weak or broken, these two strong centers can begin to operate independently, and when this occurs, the world is experienced differently from the intention of Spirit (the Creator’s Will) which may skew the perception of mind and allow the heart to over react causing confusion. Building a strong communication conduit between the heart and mind is key to healthy soul development and survival value life experiences.

This connection between the two centers is like the wires between an amplifier and a speaker.  All three components are essential to produce sound waves, yet if there is a short in the circuit between the amplifier and speaker, there is an interruption in the flow of electrons—the signal is unclear, broken, noisy and unpleasant to listen to.  If you do not know how to repair the circuit, you will most likely shut the system down to avoid the unpleasant sound of a dysfunctional system.

This, my friends, is how many people operate in their lives when there is an unhealthy balance in the heart and mind centers because of a breakdown in communication.  The heart is where Spirit speaks and that message is intended (Willed) to flow freely into the mind where decisions can be made and actions taken to produce an experience that is progressive—the path to perfection.  When the two centers act independently because of poor communication, they over compensate for the loss of free flowing energy. 

The heart (the amplifier) builds up to an emotional overload because it has nowhere to release the energy (electrons) and the mind (the speaker) having no balanced input from the heart begins to “listen” to the only messages that are coming in—from the material world and from the inner critic—the ego.   When the mind begins to depend on these alternative energies (from the material world and the ego) it begins to “burn-in” those neuro-pathways in the brain and then it becomes more and more difficult to again listen to the heart.

How do we “re-train” our brains to listen again to the heart?  By flexing our spiritual faith muscles and clearing out the mind from all the noise and interference from the world—by silencing the inner critic and focusing our minds on the voice of the Indwelling Spirit.  Communicate with the Creator through stillness, prayer, gratitude, acceptance, patience, and love.  Build the conduit by slowing down and experiencing life in a new way.  “Smell the roses,” notice the beauty that surrounds you—begin doing those things that you would “imagine” a loving Creator would want you to do and experience.  

It is like riding a bicycle—using training wheels will give you the momentum to get your balance, and once you “feel” that balance, you can discard the training wheels.  That “balance,” my friends, is the evidence of a strong conduit between the heart and mind.  Be confident in that balance and enjoy the ride of life!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven 

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Many Degrees of Higher Love

Teacher Ophelius:

Continuing with our theme on Higher Love, We would like to talk about some of the forms of this Higher Love, which can be experienced by those students on the path who are seeking to elevate their spiritual vibration and ascend their Psychic Circles while on earth.  There are many “degrees” to which this Higher Love can be experienced as you ascend the universes.  As you come closer to relative perfection, the more “pure” does this Higher Love reveal itself to your understanding until that day when you stand in Finality before the Creator Himself on Paradise—a near absolute value is experienced in that moment.  You will “finally” know what “true” love is (Finality).

Because you are human having only five (physical) senses and a brain that operates mostly on emotion and tuned into the Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits provided by the local universe Mother Spirit, you can only experience this Higher Love in a less pure state than those who have transitioned and are using more than five senses and tuned into the Cosmic mind.  The exception being those students who are beginning to use the rudiments of morontia/cosmic mind—they may be able to experience a greater degree of this Higher Love and this is what we would like to talk about in more detail.  Some of the ways humans can experience Higher Love is as follows:

Twin Flame Love – This is the spiritual/sexual form of love where all the senses come together to transmute the divine love of the Creator into this experiential form of love between two compliments of being. Using the term “Twin Flame” here means a non-exclusive partner who vibrates near or at the same spiritual frequency.  Because of the similitude of understanding, there may be less conditions placed on authentic communication whereby they each can recognize the divinity in the other and express the highest form of human love possible while in a material body.  In essence, their spiritual flames “burn” together in their desire to experience this Higher Love energy.  This is one of the highest forms of spiritual communication between two souls.

Love of Kindred Spirits – This form of Higher Love is a synergistic energy that is shared in a group who is learning/teaching/expanding and exploring higher levels of god consciousness together.  Much of your ascendant universe careers will involve this “group energy” consciousness as a tool for moving inward and growing into higher levels of awareness and god-like perfection.  This is sometimes known as a “soul-group” or “soul family” and these groups become nested into larger and larger groups as their level of understanding and awareness (as a group) expands.  The human counterpart to these “soul families” (learning together in groups) is the first developing stage to these more advanced soul-groups that will assemble when you reach the mansion worlds.

Direct Infusion Love
– This form of Higher Love is received directly by the soul through the divine work of the Indwelling Spirit (Thought Adjuster) when “spiritizing” the mind.  This occurs both consciously and super-consciously.  Conscious infusion occurs when you are in stillness with God or in worship (soul-to-God communication).  Super-conscious infusion happens during sleep or when the mind is open to receiving divine guidance and personal revelation—a willingness to grow by divine leading.  The Indwelling Spirit is the Divine Operator who coordinates and transforms the values of life experience into spiritual wisdom which becomes the vehicle for soul progression via the expanding awareness and understanding of Higher Love.  This form of Higher Love infusion happens to all Adjuster Indwelt humans, yet the rate of infusion is somewhat determined by human/Adjuster cooperation—Free will.

There are other more subtle forms and ways in which you can also experience Higher Love, for it is for you to discover through the heart—the path to these Love Treasures that bring you closer to god-like perfection.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Higher Love – The Soul Fuel

Teacher Ophelius:

Today we would like to speak about “Higher Love”—for this form of love is of a higher, finer, more pure form which can only be understood and experienced by those who have reached a point in their spiritual development where they are accessing the rudiments of the morontia mind or “soul-mind.”  Processing thoughts and experiences from this “mid-mind” requires circuits to be accessed from the Cosmic mind rather than from the Adjutant mind —those mind circuits that most humans on earth operate on.  The “soul-mind” requires a different kind of energy to access the Cosmic mind circuit—that energy is what we are talking about today—this “Higher Love.”

The rate of spiritual vibration determines the degree at which this higher form of love can be understood and used to “fuel” the soul-mind’s connection to Cosmic mind.  Yet to develop this connection, the two highest circuits of Adjutant mind (wisdom and worship) can be used to “push” the boundaries of human love and understanding into the domain of Cosmic mind.  Also does the Indwelling Spirit play a major role in “spiritizing” the mind to prepare it for this higher function and expansion of awareness.

The Cosmic mind uses a more unified pattern of thought logic—one based on the needs of the soul to achieve unity with the Creator Father.  The needs of the soul are very different from human instinct, or human needs and desires.   This is why many of you students on the path are bewildered at how the world operates and how other people think—the belligerence and greed to accumulate and control resources—to disconnect from the reality of Spirit and to selfishly disregard the welfare of others.  This kind of thinking is foreign to the soul-mind and the logic of Cosmic mind.  When you discover in yourself that your thoughts are more “weighted” toward love, nurturing, peace, kindness, equality, and growth, then are you “pushing” into this domain of soul-mind which operates on “Higher Love.”

Once you get a “taste” of this Higher Love, you begin to “re-arrange” your spiritual life so that you can explore and expand your awareness of this form of Higher Love.  You desire the conditions for which those Higher Love experiences can be realized.  Higher Love Experiences = Vibrational Ascension (toward unity with God).   This soul-mind/Cosmic mind circuit senses the larger reality of eternal life and ascension and the creature feels the Spirit Gravity of the Universal Father’s call for creature perfection and vibrational unity.  You students on the path who are traversing the seven psychic circles, from seven to one, shall begin to experience these higher levels of mind and the desire for ingesting this higher love energy to invigorate and raise your vibrational signatures. 

What you are doing now in this life by “foretasting” these higher aspects of mind and soul expansion, through the experiences of higher love, will carry over with you into mansion world life where you can continue as a student in the Universities of Love bypassing much of the correctional activities of the lower mansion worlds.  My friends, do seek after those higher love experiences, for they are highly valued by the Supreme.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

From This Day Forward, You are a Student of Love

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today is about self-worth, and self-love.  One of the most limiting beliefs there are on your world today is the belief that you are somehow not worthy or not good enough to be accepted by God because of some failure in your past or because someone told you the lie that you weren’t good enough, or smart enough to achieve anything of importance in your life.  How many of you as adults are walking “wounded” and carrying around these huge burdens of guilt and hurt from your past or from childhood that has left a deep mark on your psyche that prevents you from moving forward toward some hidden desire to become your “ideal self?”

Let us first put some things in perspective.  You are a child of God.  You were created to be a co-creative partner with God—to share your life experiences with God and you have been given the opportunity to live eternally if you so choose to continue in this co-creative partnership with God.  You have been given free will to create the life you want to have while you are here in this world.  This life is an “opportunity” to explore and to learn how to love—to experience love in all the varying degrees as it is interpreted by the fallible human form—to seek for the understanding of higher more pure forms of love with less conditions and by doing so you can become more like your co-creative partner—God.

Now, understanding what I just said, how is it that you are not good enough, or smart enough, or “holy” enough to be accepted by God or to achieve anything in life you desire to be or do?  Who told you this lie that you are not worthy?  It is time to let those burdens you carry go and to start anew.  From this day forward you are a student of LOVE and you are enrolled in the University of Love and there are many classrooms in this school and many teachers.  Look around the class you are in now—do you belong with the students there?  Are they also on the path seeking these higher more pure forms of love?  Are some of the students there disruptive to you?  Perhaps you need to move your seat away from those who distract you and prevent you from hearing the Teacher?  Move to the front of the class where you can clearly see the chalk board and hear the Teacher’s instruction.  Sit with those who can help you most. 

As a child, you quickly understood the classroom dynamics, yet as adults, some of you still sit in the back of the class with the disruptive, love starved, ego driven students who are intent on seeing you fail—those who are also stuck in the quagmires of doubt, hurt, pain, blame, and with twisted interpretations of what love is because they refuse to study.  Move away from them and come into the light!  Your time on earth is only a short season—make the most of it—raise your hand and ask the Teacher to explain the love lesson again, then go out into the world and apply it.  God wants you to graduate with Highest Honors and the only prerequisite to this higher learning is to “allow” His love to flow through you (as a co-creative partner). 

Within you lives the Greatest Teacher with the highest degree in Love—the Indwelling Spirit of God.  With credentials like that, how can anyone tell you that you are not good enough?  If you still hear this, it is probably coming from the back of the class.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Power Zone

Thought Adjuster Transmission:

Dear One, it is I, your beloved Indwelling—I take this occasion to speak to you for the benefit of the many who shall read this message—that they may take these words “to heart,” for they are only words that paint a crude picture of the complete and whole ideas that exist beyond human words and human understanding, yet they penetrate the heart and mind because I, your Father Fragment, interprets its meaning for you according to the limits of your intellect and experience and your desire—your allowance to know according to your free will.  You are beginning to understand that to hear me requires you to “listen to the heart,” for this is where I speak—it is your “power zone.”

In this power zone, is the key to all growth and is the wellspring of divine love for which I “step down” into a form for which you can understand.  This is the source of all virtues and because it is the key to your growth and progression—your ascension into higher realms, I “stand by you” and attempt to spiritualize your mind as much as you allow, so that you may look deeper into the mystery of this source of divine love, which makes for the ultimate transformation from who your are now to who you shall become in time and in eternity.

The world is a busy place and there are many distractions.  This leads to confusion in the heart and mind, for when there is no time to “listen to the heart” the whole system suffers and becomes “starved” for the water of life—the wellspring of divine love.  I AM like a teacher who sits with a child and reads from a storybook—reading with a gentle voice and attempting to convey the larger meanings and values of divine love through simple metaphors that you can understand at the age of your spiritual maturity.  The more often we “read” together, the more shall you understand and the more can I read you books of greater value with more complex ideas.  The goal of this teacher is to prepare you for life—not only this life, but the next life in the higher realms where I can continue this teacher/child relationship with ever greater “ethos” where you may have a greater understanding of the dimensions of this divine love.

This feeling of isolation you are experiencing is to get you into a “room” alone with me where there are no distractions and where I can help you focus on your power zone.  Your terrestrial life is filled with transitional activities and you are feeling the limits of your abilities to hold together many relationships and duties while you look ahead to the future at what “could be.”   I know the desires of your heart and I AM doing those things that are necessary to guide you into coherence with the Divine Will.  There are decisions only you can make that will bring you into the room with me and I am taking this opportunity to guide you to choose the way into your power zone where all possibilities exist in potential.

Come to me now my beloved and I will read to you from the Book of Life and together we shall set a course for the next chapter in your life adventure.


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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Soul Building Process (Part #4)

Teacher Ophelius:

Today, we would like to speak more about the composition of the soul and how those valuable experiences you have in earth life help you to become progressive morontia citizens in your journey through the mansion worlds.  Some of the activities and practices you do now that bring value to your life shall become a great asset to you in afterlife, and so being consciously prepared for your next adventure, having the blessed assurance that life is eternal, is one of the greatest joys of living that shall sustain you and keep you “forward moving” toward god-like perfection. 

On the mansion worlds, having greater mind capacity and circuitry connected to the cosmic mind, your ability to focus and reflect on the earth treasures you bring with you will help you to get acclimated to morontia life and the perfection process of ascension.  There you no longer have to spend time and energy carving out a “living” to sustain your most basic physical needs or to provide shelter—pay rent, and so you will have “infinitely” more time to build a better you. 

Think about how much time you spend each day on self-improvement or nurturing a loving relationship compared to all the time spent on terrestrial needs?  This ratio is nearly reversed on Mansonia and much of your early activities and time will be spent acclimating to your new morontia bodies and discovering and using your new expanded abilities.  You no longer have a physical brain that operates on electrochemical impulses driven by emotion and therefore you have greater control of your thoughts and the ability to analyze past experiences without self-loathing and extract the higher meanings and values as they relate to your ascendant career.

The weightier your soul is rich with survival value experiences, mastery, and character in this life, the greater will be your ability to grasp the new meanings and values you encounter in this new and amazing life on the mansion worlds, for each progressive realm of existence builds upon the experiences of the former and the wisdom gleaned from those experiences is what perfects the mind and raises the vibratory signature of the surviving soul elevating it closer and closer to the Source of all creation.

Do you practice stillness, and do you communicate your questions—ask for guidance, share your thoughts and desires with the Father?  This same process of “reaching out” to Spirit for nurturing and guidance will continue on the mansion worlds, yet the energetic connection to these divine sources will be more real to you there because of your conscious connection to your Indwelling Father fragment, the Thought Adjuster.  Do you enjoy socializing—gathering with like-minded personalities and sharing and exchanging information and experiences?  On the mansion worlds, you won’t have to search far to find kindred spirits, for you shall be mostly grouped together with those of similar vibration where you can all learn and acquire new knowledge, discover and create new ideas, and progress together in a safe and astonishing environment where you can focus on those things that interest you most.

There is a familiar pattern to life after you strip away all the interference from “terrestrial challenges” that you can begin recognize that will carry over with you into the hereafter.  There you can more clearly see how important is your earth life—your decisions and actions, your loves and relationships, and how they shape who you are and what you are becoming.  Become aware, my friends, of this process as you go about your daily lives and think about how your current life shall work into your new life on the mansion worlds and how you can build a better you.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Soul Building Process (Part #3)

Teacher Ophelius:

In this brief on the soul building process we will look at what constitutes a survival value experience and what practical value those experiences have in forming the surviving morontia soul.  In the short duration of time spent in earth life, it is wise to give thought to the value of your experiences and to maximize your time in building the best “you” there can be.

Like any well prepared traveler, it is beneficial to plan ahead for a long journey and pack things that you would most likely need when visiting a new land.  Your “backpack” is the embryonic soul—it is the container for all those worthwhile experiences that will help you to navigate and explore this new land you will surely visit.  Because you are traveling light, you would not pack unnecessary items that would weigh you down and knowing that you are not always adept at deciding what to take and what to leave, your “Smart Assistant” and “GPS”—the Thought Adjuster (TA), knows the way and proficiently filters your check list of items deemed necessary for the journey.

So, what should you bring?  Imagine what it will be like to visit this new land.  What are the people like there? What are the customs?  What’s the weather like? What is the economy like? Are there any dangers?  Imagine this heaven-like place and think about what you would need to actually “live” there.

Since there is no money economy, you will not need currency, silver, gold, or any of the experiences in your current life that pertain to the procurement of money—Wow, that’s a huge chunk of human life experience is it not?  What about all those experiences you are not proud of that include anger, resentment, cruelty, abusiveness, judgment, selfishness, un-forgiveness, and other experiences that did not serve you well in your current life?  They will not be needed there because there is no practical or future use for such valueless meanings.

If you think about only the very best experiences you had in life—the joys of life that you retain fond memory of—those are the things that will serve you in your next life on the mansion worlds.  Loving relationships are the first and most important experiences the TA will likely retain for you.  Those experiences that involve the discovery of truth, the joy of creating or beholding beauty, and the experiences of “being” in a state of goodness—those times and situations where you enjoyed living life are the most valuable experiences for the Supreme Being to experience with you.  All the hurtful, shameful, contemptible experiences (non-survival values) will fall away like scaffolding when you make the transition. 

Think about this: If 90% of your life experience was lived in the pursuit of non-survival values, what would be in your backpack?  Only crumbs, my friends, and there would not be much of “you” left to begin this new life.  You would be unprepared for your new life and would have a difficult time making the transition.    When life experience encompasses LOVE in any way, shape, or form, it is sure to make the check list and be included in your backpack.  Pack wisely my friends and choose to experience life in a way that will progressively serve you in your present life and in your future career.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Soul Building Process (Part #2)

Teacher Ophelius:

In continuance of our discussion on the soul building process, we will now look at the roles of the three soul processors—the mind, the heart, and the Thought Adjuster (TA).  Each of them play an important part in determining what experiences, meanings, and values are harvested for soul building and eternal survival.  The order in which these three processors are listed here is sequential to the order in which all experiences are processed—from the physical aspect of human awareness (the brain and the five senses), to the emotional center (the heart), to the spiritual operator (the TA). All three are necessary and all three work together in accordance with the free will prerogatives established by the Universal Father which assures relative untethered and diverse experience harvesting.

The mind, the heart, and the TA can be thought of like the three branches of democratic government—the legislative branch (mind), the executive branch (heart) and the judicial branch (the TA).  To build a healthy and weighty soul, all three must function together, and communicate laterally sending feedback for wisdom gathering, yet for many, the executive branch can often bypass the judicial branch by executive order and make decisions that are not necessarily of survival value.  The ability of a government to serve the highest good for its constituency is determined by the quality of the members of the legislative and executive branches—the judicial branch only contains one member (the TA) and He retains sovereign authority in what passes through to the soul.

There is a two party system at work in the first two branches—those members (human thoughts) that are more aligned with fear and those that are more aligned with human love (conditional love)—the TA operates exclusively on Divine Love (unconditional love).  There is constant debate among these partisan members which does not always serve the greater good of the soul, yet the debate is essential to the functioning of free will.  The judicial branch (TA) has no authority over what the other two branches do or what experiences they will entertain, yet the TA will express its opinion in certain matters, which the executive and legislative branches can take under consideration or ignore completely. 

The legislative branch (mind) searches out and brings life experiences through the senses and presents them to the executive branch (the heart) for a decision on whether it will pursue the current course of action or will choose another based on the wisdom of past events.  If the majority of its members belong to the Fear Party, then it is more likely the decisions of the executive branch (heart) will be subservient to the ego and the experiences will be discordant and not likely to pass through the judiciary.  If it is more dominated by the Love Party, the decisions of the heart are more likely to fall in favor of love, mercy, and compassion and the experiences are more likely to pass through the judicial branch and on into the soul.  The judiciary (TA) holds the experiences up to the light and compares them to the precedence set by the Universal Father by the criteria of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness (the constitution).

The operations of the three soul processors are more complicated than this parity suggests, yet it is meant to stimulate your own thoughts about how experiences are processed.  In part #3 of this series, we will look at the experiences themselves and what practical value they serve for the surviving soul.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Soul Building Process (Part #1)

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today is about the soul building process and the three main processors—the mind, the heart, and the Thought Adjuster, (in this order) and how these three components work together to feed the growing morontia soul.  By knowing the process, and how these processors work together, you may become more effective in growing a weightier soul by making conscious decisions where you determine the quality of your experiences—“what goes in.” 

We must first understand what the soul actually is.  This, my friends, is a lengthy subject all of its own, but I will define it here in brief:  The soul can be thought of as a growing embryo—like a fetus—an unborn child that is growing within you.  You are the mother of this growing child and therefore it is important that you care for your own health (both mental and physical) because of the consequence it may have on the growing child within.  You would not smoke, drink alcohol, take harmful drugs, or partake in dangerous activities, for this may have a detrimental outcome on the child’s health when it is born and could lead to developmental disabilities.  Moreover, you would love this child while in the womb, speak to her, read, sing perhaps, and nurture this child even before you could hold her because this child is a part of you.

You would put the very best of who you are into the care of this unborn child knowing she will be wholly dependent on you for all her needs when she is born.  In anticipation for her arrival, you prepare the child’s room, find a comfortable crib, gather little outfits, and fill the room with stimulating objects, toys, and artwork—perhaps even start a college fund for her education.  You are planning for the future of this child’s life and wanting the very best for her life experiences.

The soul, my friends, IS wholly dependent on you for its development and therefore it is beneficial for you to take great care in the decisions you make in life, both great and small.  The soul is the very best part of who you are and what you are becoming.  Therefore, this unborn child is really you!  It is the “you” who will pick-up and live life in the next phase of your ascendant career on the mansion worlds of your local system.  Wouldn’t you want to build the very best “you” there could be while you are living in this world?  You have “everything” to do with the pro or atrophic development of your soul.

Many of you have never thought about the soul this way, yet this is so important for your future development both here and hereafter!  The womb is your current life—your interest, your relationships, your activities, your adventures, your thought life—all those things that “feed” your experiences, which become the “palate” for the appetite of the soul.   Not all of the foods on your plate will become integrated into the body of the soul, only those worthy experiences, values, and moral decisions that embody Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, and deemed “of survival value” by your Thought Adjuster (the third processor) become a part of your growing soul.

How do we know what experiences and values the Thought Adjuster will harvest and which will be discarded with the flesh?  How do we optimize the process and maximize our time?  This we will explore in part #2 of this message.  Until then, please think about the pediatric care of your soul—the unborn “you” and what you are feeding this child and how you are nurturing her.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Quickening – Amp-up the Frequency of Consciousness

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today is of some importance.  It has to do with the changing nature of your spiritual receptivity, for many of you students on the path will begin to notice a heightened sense of awareness now and in the coming weeks ahead.  This circuitry is being enhanced by Mother Spirit as an aid to those who wish to deepen their spiritual life and to begin collaborating with other kindred spirits—it could be thought of as a kind of “quickening” of sorts and many of you will seek opportunities to gather together in groups to explore your spiritual life with greater passion and dedication.  We encourage you to do so as this will lead to many new beginnings and prepare you for a life of service in which you will find greater satisfaction, joy, and purpose in doing the Will of our heavenly Father.

Those who wish to teach, we encourage you to organize your intentions.  Those who wish to be healers, we encourage you to seek out those teachers and groups who can assist you in your development.  Those who wish to transmit and receive spirit messages—seek out those teachers and resources that can help you expand your capabilities, for many of you have these latent abilities which lay dormant until you awaken them within.  Those who simply desire to make room in their lives for a more dedicated spiritual life, we admonish you to seek out those kindred spirits and join groups who are pursuing these things together.  Get involved in your communities, my friends, for this is where the true path to higher consciousness leads and where opportunities abound.

This admonishment is a campaign by Spirit to move the spiritual assets of the planet into place where they can be most effective as we plunge deeper into the Correcting Time initiatives.  We see this first step of bringing like minds together as a way to “amp-up” the spiritual frequency of human consciousness around the planet—a catalyst for exponential outreach to prepare the soil and strengthen the effectiveness of the “Great Teacher.”  This is how it begins, my friends, it starts with each one of you coming together, learning together, and making a difference together as a group, as a community, as a planet that is changing from a destructive path to an enlightened and peaceful path.  This idea of “Light and Life” is a real potential that exists and can be brought into reality by taking these first steps.  You students on the path are the trail blazers and you are needed to initiate this new world view of peace, quality of life, equality, and growth.

We all think, imagine, and dream of this enlightened era, but time grows short, and we must all roll up our sleeves now and begin the real work that will bring that idea into reality.  Spirit is rolling out the carpet for you and shall assist you in all your endeavors to make a positive change in yourselves, your community, and your world.  Use the resources at your disposal—your phones, your internet, your newspapers, your social media, to seek out those groups and kindred spirits and communicate!  This is the doorway to discovering the vast potentials that live within you.  The Indwelling Spirit seeks a path to express the Divine Will through you and this “Quickening” of your awareness is a boost that shall help you find a place where you can make a difference.  Fear not—begin today—write it on your calendars and meet with your groups!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Where is Monjoronson?

An editorial by Chris Maurus:

There has been a lot of speculation about the Magisterial Mission and whether or not Monjoronson will appear soon in the flesh and begin the difficult task of setting this world on a path to Light and Life—or will he be “delayed” because of something we humans are or are not doing that affects the timing of His appearance on our world?  We have all had our hopes dashed to pieces more than once and like the familiar metaphor I have heard used, “It’s like having Lucy pull the football away just as Charlie Brown is about to kick it.”  Like Charlie Brown who faithfully trusts that Lucy will not pull the football away, he sets himself up for defeat again and again and so do we as we consume all the hearsay and conflicting transcripts we get from the various transmitters around the world concerning the “timing” of the Magisterial Mission.  I would like to explain why I think the Magisterial Mission is “on-track” and running according to a “divine plan” despite our assumptions and expectations.

If we want to know how Spirit operates, let’s look at the past and see what history tells us about “celestial missions of mercy.”  We know from the Urantia Book that Machiventa Melchizedek came to this world nearly 2,000 years before the birth of Jesus (take note: 2 millennium).  He was sent here because the light of truth about God was nearly extinct on the planet—clearly there was no condition or behavior upon which the inhabitants of the world at that time would have delayed his appearance—they were in utter darkness and needed help.  If anything, the sad condition of the human mind at that time was the very thing that brought him here.

(1014.3) 93:1.1 Revealed truth was threatened with extinction during the millenniums which followed the miscarriage of the Adamic mission on Urantia. Though making progress intellectually, the human races were slowly losing ground spiritually. About 3000 B.C. the concept of God had grown very hazy in the minds of men.

With this in mind, let’s ask ourselves: If the human race continues on its current path—starting new wars, creating chaos and untold human suffering in the world, and wreaking havoc in the financial markets of the world, can this delay the appearance of the Magisterial Son who is said to come here to put the affairs of this world in order and to consummate the era of Light and Life?  I have heard it said more than once in various transcripts that he will be delayed because we are not ready to receive him.  Does this ring true knowing that the very reason he is coming is because of the great confusion and condition this planet is in and that we cannot seem to “fix it” on our own?  How do we move beyond the legacy of the Lucifer Rebellion?  Certainly it would take many generations of people who are slowly waking up to god consciousness to overcome the hate, greed, and inequality we witness every day in this world to have a lasting effect on world governments and social order.  Could it be done this way?  I think yes, but then why would we need Monjoronson?  We need him because of his vast wisdom and experience as an Avonal Son who has done this work in other universes.  Yes, we will have to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work of turning this thing around, but without his help, it would take a very long time and many billions of souls born into this world for generations would suffer from the continued collateral damage inflicted by the Luciferian legacy. 

(1014.4) 93:1.2 The twelve Melchizedek receivers knew of Michael’s impending bestowal on their planet, but they did not know how soon it would occur; therefore they convened in solemn council and petitioned the Most Highs of Edentia that some provision be made for maintaining the light of truth on Urantia.

In the time just prior to Machiventa’s mission there were no “public opinion polls” taken by the celestial government on whether or not to take action based on the “readiness” of the inhabitants of the planet.  The need was clearly there and so the Melchizedek receivers put a plan together.   Machiventa Melchizedek was sent here alone, as a fully developed adult, with the task of bringing the light of truth back to earth—to seed it deep in the minds of humans who had practically no idea about the nature or existence of a loving God—a daunting task for any one person to take on.  It would seem that Monjoronson is facing an even bigger challenge then did Machiventa in his time.

What are our expectations about how Monjoronson will appear on our world?  Will he come here with great fanfare—with power and glory—will every eye witness his grand entrance?  Again, let’s look and see how spirit operates in these situations:  

(1015.1) 93:2.1 It was 1,973 years before the birth of Jesus that Machiventa was bestowed upon the human races of Urantia. His coming was unspectacular; his materialization was not witnessed by human eyes.

Even Jesus, the incarnated Creator Son, came here quietly—born like any other normal human child and grew up without royal robes, pomp and circumstance, and began his teaching ministry quietly at first, as an adult male of his time and day.  We know from the multitude of transcripts we have in the Teaching Mission Archives that Monjoronson will not be coming here as a babe like Christ Michael (Jesus), but as a fully mature man just as did Machiventa.  We can all speculate the reason for that is because of the urgency of the mission—there is not enough time for one born of woman to grow up and become the Magisterial Son, yet like Machiventa, he comes at a most auspicious time—on a mission with timely reason and with the blessing of the Father to bring earth back into the fold of enlightened planets.

When Monjoronson walks upon the earth in the flesh for the first time, what do you think will be his first order of business?  Will he use superhuman power to tap into all the TV broadcasts of the world and announce his agenda and make demands on the powers that be, or will he come quietly and build his network of faithful and loyal operators as did Machiventa with his colony of devotees at Salem who eventually spread out around the earth and seeded all the world religions? 

What about this thing called “materialization?”  What is involved in that?  How does a paradise citizen—an Avonal Son, with all the power and perfection of a high spiritual being of paradise take his immense consciousness and squeeze it into a human “meat-sack” with a human brain that runs on electro-chemical impulses.  Seems to me that there would be some kind of an acclimation period where he learns how to operate this new cumbersome interface for which he has no prior experience with.  Certainly Machiventa went through a similar process where he needed to acclimate to the interface and the environment.  We do not know what that process is, or how long it takes, but we do know that it is not magic, that there are the natural laws of the universe that govern the process no matter how advanced the technology.  Anything that comes into the slow thick soup of the material realms is somewhat subject to the laws that govern that realm.  I suspect there are some difficulties associated with materialization.

What happens to Monjoronson’s communication network—does it remain as it was when he was in spirit form?  Does he retain his multidimensional contact with all celestial operators and humans alike as he has during his contact with us in the Teaching Mission era of the past, or is there some diminution of his abilities to communicate while operating with a human brain?

(1016.2) 93:2.8 During the incarnation in the flesh, Machiventa was in full contact with his eleven fellows of the corps of planetary custodians, but he could not communicate with other orders of celestial personalities. Aside from the Melchizedek receivers, he had no more contact with superhuman intelligences than a human being.

I think certainly that Monjoronson will have greater ability and capacity to communicate than did Machiventa because of his order as an Avonal Son of paradise, yet I would think there would be a diminution of ability associated with the human form.  Don’t you think it odd that currently there are few messages coming from transmitters with Monjoronson’s signature—especially in the last two years?  Who are we hearing from mostly concerning the Magisterial Mission?  We hear from Charles and Serena from his executive staff!  Yes, we occasionally get a transmission from Monjoronson, but nothing like the frequency we were hearing from him just a few years ago.  I’ll let you draw your own conclusion about why that is so.

I’m not going to speculate on the timing of his arrival and pull another football away from Charlie Brown, but to those who are faithful and hopeful, I say consider the times and what is going on in the world.  The spiritual pressure on this planet is palpable and those who are sensitive to it are feeling the change of seasons.  If we are indeed the ones who determine our own destiny, then let’s keep Monjoronson in our consciousness and make him welcome here.  I for one would rather he come quietly and find me “ready to receive him” than to pass from this life and watch from afar a hundred generations pass who can eventually measure up to the standard of our assumptions and expectations of readiness or worthiness to receive him.

Gratefully yours,

Chris Maurus

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

“Go with the Flow” - Embrace Change

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today is about embracing change.  What do I mean by this?  Each one of you will come to a place where you must “shift” and move from where you are today to where you shall be tomorrow, whether it is a state of awareness, a change in jobs, a new home, a new relationship, or releasing an old relationship that no longer serves you.  These are all “chapters” of your life that must be experienced, yet like a book, the chapter must be completed and come to a close, for new life, and new experiences await you in the chapters ahead where you may discover new meanings and new ways to grow in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  These are all rungs on a ladder, my friends, which you must climb to move from imperfection to perfection as you are guided along your life plan by Spirit.

Many of you students on the path are feeling this “tug” to move, to change, to reinvent your lives and to step out of your comfort zone which you have settled into for so long.  It feels as if a new day is dawning and you no longer fit into the old routine and rhythm that you have known for so long.  Change is inevitable—it shall come, but how you handle the change will determine the difficulty or ease of the transition—that period where you adjust and make space for the new era of your life.  Will you resist it, or will you flow with it?  Will you be fearful, or will you have faith that Spirit has your best and highest welfare in mind—helping you to grow and discover greater levels of love and personality maturity?

When you become aware that you are moving into a transition of change, also be aware of the synchronicity that accompanies that change.  This is a time for new opportunities and many signs will point the way that will help keep you aligned with your life plan—that ideal life where potentials can be developed for the greatest amount of soul growth for the given abilities and accumulated wisdom gleaned thus far in your life experience.  Those with the greatest amount of faith will seize the moment and step into the greatest of opportunities, while those who are more fearful, will let those optimal moments go by and may take a lessor path with more difficulty.  These more difficult paths are learning opportunities and there can be much value in them, yet to those who will “go with the flow” and do not resist, but instead embrace it, may find the greatest joy and satisfaction on the other side of the transition.

Please keep in mind, my friends that all will be well in time and eternity and there is nothing for you to fear.  God knows what you need even before you ask it, therefore “seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given, knock and the door will be open to you.”  These are not fairytale clich├ęs, but are real “cause and effect” outcomes for those of great faith.  Communicate your needs and desires to Spirit and do not impose expectations as to how they will unfold—go with the flow of opportunities and step into the next destination of your life.  When you live your life by faith, you shall have no regrets, for God desires that you have a joyful life filled with love and treasured experiences.  If it is not that way now, then look forward to the change that is upon you and embrace it!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Soul Treasure - Practice the Art of Friendliness

Teacher Ophelius:

“Those who would have friends must find themselves friendly.”  These are the words of the Master as he was asked by his young traveling companion how it was that He could so easily make friends with new acquaintances.  The Master went on to explain to the lad that you must become curious and interested in those things that are important to the individual and to get them to talk about themselves.  Jesus wanted to know how men felt and how they thought about themselves and about the world around them.  He was truly interested in them and when someone finds that you are interested in them, they will open up and connect with you because they feel safe that they can share their thoughts and feelings without being judged.  It is important for you students on the path, if you are to be truly effective as the torch bearers of truth in a dark world that you “find yourselves friendly.”

You cannot be a light if you “hide your lamp under a bed,” and so you must put it on a lamp stand where it can be seen by everyone.  If you only associate with those who are like you, then you may find that your circle of friends is small and all those wonderful qualities that you have within you may not be shared with those who are searching for light.  My friends, there are so many on your world who do not have a clue about the things of spirit, yet they are searching for it and do not yet realize it.  How then will they find this light if those who have it move through the world with “tight lips?”  Certainly you must use your discernment when choosing what to share and how much, yet you can open the door to those higher truths first by being interested in what others think and feel.

If you are blessed to have found yourself on this higher path, then find it within you to make new friends and to be an example of someone who is friendly and who can connect with others without judging them.  You may find that some are too far away from you in their values and beliefs, and only a surface relationship is possible, yet there may come a time when those you have befriended will reach out to you because their thirsting souls, having been tested by the circumstances of time, will then recognize the light within you. 

If you are looking for kindred spirits, how then will you find them except that you practice the art of friendliness and become truly curious and interested in others thoughts and feelings?  This is how you find them, my friends, and this is how you “set your orbits” of relationships—those who are closer to you as intimate kindred spirits and those that are farther away--which you continue to hold in your “gravity.” 

Relationships are the soul-treasure of eternity, for it is in your life purpose to have a diversity of experiences and relationships that teach you how to discover those hidden layers of love that exist everywhere in the universe.  Seek for those golden nuggets, my friends, by discovering the hidden treasures within your fellows, and by doing so, you may discover some hidden layer of love within you that you did not know was there.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Manifest Love from the Great Potential

Teacher Ophelius:

Today’s message is very special, for it contains the attachment of energetic vibrations that can elevate your own spiritual signature and raise the level of your awareness.  You may ask, “How can mere words read from a document transmute spiritual energy?”   My dear friends, think about what a greeting card, a thank you, or a kind word does for your wellness?  If the sentiment is genuine, heartfelt, loving, and with an authentic intention, that energy is transferred from the sender to the receiver.  If the words were sent as an obligatory statement without any real regard, those words are hollow—there is no connection, and there is no transfer of spiritual energy—yes, I said spiritual energy.  Love, my friends, is spiritual energy.  It is the one energy that fills all space in the universes and waits in potential for a co-creative personality to bring it into form.

My intention for you, my dear students, is one of genuine love and heartfelt regard, for I so desire that each and every one of you reading my words would feel this “real” love energy that is attached to my words and let it soak into your soul.  You are my family, my students, those that hear me and have a connection with me.  You, who have felt my words at this deeper level do have a connection with me and because there is a real connection, that energy flows in both directions—I get the feedback when joy runs through your soul and you smile—that energy is felt here on the mansion worlds and it brings joy to us when you “get it” and your awareness opens up a new space inside where it can be filled with truth, beauty, and goodness.  That, my friends, is progress, for Love is the greatest teacher and the most potent soul elevating energy there is.

When you read a book that is very interesting to you and you get great joy from the “ah-ha” moments where your consciousness expands—you are receiving the spiritual energy that is the authors intention—you have a connection with the consciousness of that author—the book, the words, the ideas, “resonate” with you, meaning you vibrate in similar frequency with the authors intention.  Those books that you do not understand or they lack any real personal value for you do not make a connection and therefore there is no transfer of energy.  It’s a circuit and there must be a connection to transfer the energy.  When the energy moves from the transmitter to the receiver, there is light!

Knowing now how this works, my dear students, I have an assignment for you.  I ask that you would write an email to someone you have a connection with and dig deep inside your soul where the greatest values lay, and pull out the most loving thoughts you can think about this person and communicate to them your most heartfelt intention.  Please think about the connection with this person, and remove all the layers of fear and doubt you have as to how the message might be received, yet focus on the more pure spiritual component of how your intentions of love and kindness are elevating the vibrational energy of this trusted friend.  Imagine the look on the face of this person who is to receive your letter.  Feel the love and joy in your own heart as your write, and know that this same feeling of joy, love, and regard will be transferred to the recipient in the form of love energy.

Now, having completed this assignment and sending off your email, notice the energy you have and how you feel about this act of love that was created by you and brought forth from the vast sea of love potential and made manifest on your world.  How powerful is that!  The love energy that returns to you when your intentions are pure is ten-fold and goes right to the soul and becomes a part of your eternal treasure.  Imagine if every person on the planet was to write a letter like this—how quickly would the energy of the world change!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Trust, Believe, and Transform—You are the Conduit

Teacher Ophelius:

Peace, love, and all things True, Beautiful, and Good do I surround myself with as I begin this labor of love I send to you this fine day my beloved friends.  How wonderful it is to share this blessed energy—that which comes from God, through me, and into you.  Do you see how powerful it is to direct this divine energy when you open yourself up to the divine wellspring?  I set my mind upon those virtuous thoughts that come in from the Father, and I assure you it is from Him because he is present in the minds of all His children who open a space for Him to come through.  When you actually believe this and know it in your heart, the light from His divine love will pour out of you, though your heart and into the hearts of those around you—you cannot contain it—it must refract and shine forth like a diamond in the sun.

This divine love—His energy, I attach to these words, yet as you receive them, the Father Fragment within you transmutes the meaning and value the words represent and paints a unique picture in your own mind, which is then interpreted by the heart.  Once it gets into the heart, its vibration is magnified by the past experiences where God’s energy moved through you building on this wave until it bursts forth and radiates through you and out into the world.  Do you understand the path of this energy?  Like you, I also magnify this energy in my own heart and with my own unique vibrational signature that you, my beloved students, recognize, which stimulates the heartstrings because we have trust and from that trust we open up a space where God’s love and energy can come in. 

Think about this:  Most of you students know me.  You have become familiar with my energy and how I teach.  Many of these messages do resonate with you, and that is in part because of this trust we have that my words come from a pure place and with good and loving intention.  With this trust, you “allow” a space to open within you and you fill yourself with the energy that is attached to these words.  It is a familiar space.  Just as you know and trust me and trust my intention, you believe and it is then written on the pages of the heart and stored away into the soul where it combines with other true values and begins to grow into a clearer picture where you can more easily digest the essence of its energy. 

You now can do as I do.  You can go directly to the source of God’s wellspring and open a space because you have trust in the Indwelling Presence within you.  It is a familiar space.  When you begin to really believe in the Father’s Presence that lives in your mind and speaks from your heart, you can transform this energy into Light that is visible on your world.  It is a way for you to “bring Heaven to Earth.”  Trust, Believe, and Transform.  You are the conduit for this divine energy and it is within each and every one of you to learn, to believe, to know, and to do.

My words as a teacher are intended to bring you to this place of trust within yourself and with your own God Fragment so that you will learn to go directly to the Source of that divine energy and become familiar with it and to trust in it.  All the power is there—right there within you and all you have to do is to open up that space with this trusted and familiar friend—God within, and transform His love into His Will in your world.

Peace to you my beloved friends,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Real Love is Freedom

Teacher Ophelius:

Today we would like to, once again, speak about the human interpretation of Divine Love.  I say “interpretation” because you as imperfect beings who are so young in spirit are only now just discovering the very rudiments of this more pure form of “real love.”  It is said that “real love” is rare and difficult to find.  Why is that?  Mostly it is because there are so few role models on your world who embody it and express it in ways that are acceptable by your societies.  “Acceptable” means love is under the constraints of societal memes.  You are taught how to love mostly by social conditioning which excludes the more real and purified forms of love that can only be expressed and received by the soul.  Spiritual love is rare and mostly misunderstood.

The closest thing to this more purified love that most understand is what a mother or father experiences with their children, yet this is only a small part love and one that also places constraints and conditions upon the connection between parent and child.  What we are speaking about today is the spiritual form of love between two souls who are vibrating at nearly the same frequency.  The attraction is there because of the “like attracts like” principal of the universe, yet this alone is not sufficient to know and discover the deeper levels of divine/human love.

To get to this deeper level, there must be a “peeling away” process of unraveling the distorted concepts and accepted memes that are conditioned into your thought processes by a world that was cut off from its connection to this form of deeper love by the rebellion that occurred here so many years ago that left a wake of confusion about what unconditional love really means.  The greatest barrier to discovering this blissful state of knowing real love is fear.  By releasing fear and embracing love through the expression of real feelings can you begin to see and discover what lies beneath the heavy layers placed on you by a confused world.

We hear all too often here on the mansion worlds the regrets of so many souls and how they wished that they would have expressed their true feelings and said the words, “I love you” but withheld it because of fear of rejection, or pride, or any number of excuses that prevented them from acting from a place of real love.  Some of you actually don’t want to hear those words because it infers a distorted reminder of a relationship that put staggering constraints and controls on your freedoms and so you have not a true reference to accept those words as the meaning for which it was intended.  Don’t give up dear ones, you can attract and learn how to love as it was intended by the Creator, but to find it, you must be willing to release your attachments to the conditions.

The soul is naturally drawn to this more pure form of love, but it is the interference of the mind and the ego that buries that natural attraction under loads of heavy expectations.  It is the journey of the soul to learn how to love by becoming aware of what it is not!  It is the process of elimination, my friends, to become aware of all those things that do not feel good and to let go of your fears and expectations and let real love settle in and become a part of you.  Real love is freedom and this is what you have been given by the Creator—the freedom to love and to choose your own path.  To willfully choose the path of love over all other alternatives will always bring you to a greater understanding of Divine Love and god-likeness.

Peace and Love to you,

The Circle of Seven 

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