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Midwayer Origins

Message from Chris 1111:

I'm re-posting a message from 1111 Progress Group on the origins of the Midwayers. This is an important message in that it gives us greater understanding of our closest spiritual cousins who exist just outside of our time frame on the material worlds, and yet do they play such an important role in our spiritual evolution and progression. If you are unaware or have never read the Urantia Book, I strongly advise that you take a look at it, for it explains much of earth's history and how we got to the place we are now in our evolution as a species. Unlike man who will stay but a short time on this planet, the Midwayers will remain in service to humanity until the entire planet attains the status of "Light and Life," no matter how long that takes and they will see it come to fruition. After Light and Life has been established, they will be relieved from duty and allowed to continue their paradise ascent along with their human brothers and sisters.

I thank you Midwayers of Urantia for you kind, patient, and loving service to humanity. God speed to you all in your important work.


Illawarra District, Australia, December 12, 2009.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “Midwayer Origin” – Part One.

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “It’s good to make eye contact with a friend. True friendship can, at times, be so much more than love in the sense that it assumes both-ways reliability, acceptance, and a deep understanding of the other’s personality and motivation. Friendship understands success and failure, mood swings and elation, in what might even be a common struggle, and so we are in deep, I’d say.

“We are considering this day the ancestry of the Midwayers, the Primary Midwayers first of all. Their parents were those 100 who elected to put their future fusion with their Thought Adjusters on hold, and who were brought to this earth some 500.000 years ago to serve the then appointed– later vanquished -- Planetary Prince, Caligastia. They were super-human, pre-Nodite, one might suggest, but before they gave birth to the tall, long-lived Nodite races, their spiritual liaisons produced the, to most of you, invisible Primary Midwayers.

“Even though the pre-Nodite parents were hardly similar in appearance, the Primary Midwayers would be difficult for us of the Secondary Group to tell apart . . . if we were to somehow manage to disengage our ability of personality recognition. Contrary to this, we, the Secondary Midwayers have virtually identical parents, all immediate relatives, and yet we represent all the races of that time – the Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, as well as the Adamite, and the already then established Mediterranean blended race.

“This alone should help you understand that we, all Midwayers on this earth, have three parents, not two, and as was the rule even then, our names, but our more-easily-to-communicate name-codes, are indicative of us having three parents – ABC-1, ABC-2, ABC-3, and so on, DEF-1, DEF-2, etcetera for the Secondary Midwayers This is what identifies us. I am ABC-22, the 22nd offspring of father A, of mother B, and of a Daughter of Mother Spirit C. This really is not all that foreign to what has been happening since the start of the Correcting Time, when the likes of our Dr. Mendoza can safely enhance the potential of a tiny human fetus in danger of developing a debilitating, genetically-passed-on handicap.

“Shall we now conclude this session later?”

George: “Suits me. I’m rather hungry. Thank you.”

Illawarra District, Australia, December 12, 2009.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “Midwayer Origin” – Part Two.

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “A mere snack, and my human loudspeaker gains the energy to recommence. We, Secondary Midwayers, share your space, this world, our world. We live in a different timeslot, a different frame or reality of time, however, and the differential allows us to project ourselves right through your brick walls without us hurting ourselves, or slip through a spider’s web without disturbing it, or the spider. Our reality of time is flexible, against yours being, let us call it, of a linear reality, and so your spider in ‘your now time’ will not notice if we moved right through him and his web ten seconds prior in our purposefully altered time. And I ask you to simply comprehend this without ever fully understanding this during your entire lifetime.

“Suffice to say that with such wide-ranging gifts of warping time, we also have a long list of what we may or must do, and what we may not, or must not do, as I referred to many times before. Indeed there were countless teachers willing to educate us, but most were as confused or misinformed as we were. Thirty-seven thousands years ago at the time of our birth, the Lucifer rebellion had been in full swing for more than 200.000 years. Spiritual energy, and creative possibilities were not like they were during the time of Prince Caligastia’s earlier most excellent leadership, for the Prince had long ago adopted the Luciferian manifesto.

“This then explains our immediate ancestry: Adam and Eve were incarnated on this world, and their eldest son, Adamson married the last of the pure-line Nodite females, Ratta, and both being long-lived and superhuman, they had 67 children, among which 16 – 8 male, 8 female – at times became invisible. To these 16, ‘spiritual adjustments’ had been made. They were also superhuman, and they all had very similar family traits and appearances. It is from these 16, long-lived and superhuman -- 8 couples in fact -- that 1984 Secondary Midwayers were born – 248 offspring to each couple, and so, in fact, I have a total of 247 brothers and sisters.

“This now is where the vast difference between us and the Primary Midwayers exists: Whereas the Primary Midwayers are a uniform group, born of distinctly different parents, your Secondary Midwayers, all born of Adamson and Ratta’s children, are of widely varied types within each of the families. We have widely varying looks, colors, characters, personalities if you like, abilities, pet interests, hobbies, associations. It need be suggested that we were surely ‘made to order’ to serve the different races of that time, we did and still do, and beyond me telling you, this is also the clearest indication that our extremely short gestation period was influenced by what is essentially a third, purely spiritual, parent.

“To finally answer the question posed: We Midwayers outlived our great-grandparents, Adam and Eve, we outlived our grandparents, Adamson and Ratta, we outlived each of our immediate parents – those who would occasionally become invisible – but until then, we protected our superhuman ancestors from all dangers. After they were all gone, we were kind of lost, we were poorly educated, all lines of communication with higher spheres were compromised. We were orphaned, and one might suggest we could neither thrive, nor die.

“I trust this satisfies the enquirer, a friend forever.”

George: “Thank you Chief.”

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Documentation of decades of contact with Chief ABC-22 can be found on:


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