Friday, October 17, 2008


Good evening, we are here again with you tonight and we are happy to present these lessons to you . Tonight’s lesson is on freedom. What is freedom? Freedom is the natural state of being for all souls in the universe. The gift of free will is the ultimate freedom given to man in which he is free to think and act in any manner of his choosing while he lives on the Earth plane and beyond into the higher spheres of light.

Most people think of freedom as something granted them by governments--freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, and so on. But the freedom we speak about tonight is the freedom of the soul to reach up to grasp the cloak of God and to become like him. God does not have a rule book that restricts what freedoms we are to have. No, he has created this universe and everything in it that you may have your desires and become co-creators with him. The governments of men, the media, the elitists, have no control over the freedom of spiritual progression. It is man that lets these entities control their consciousness through constant bombardment of negative energies that are absorbed into the mental circuits of the masses.

You child, are awakening to these truths and are becoming aware of the manipulations of these agents. You must use your own freedoms to live the life that was intended for you as one of joy , peace, and happiness. Change the way you look at the world around you and see the good in it. Pass this optimistic view onto your brothers and sisters and you, in your own way and sphere of influence, can change human consciousness and bring it one step closer to the tipping point where it will spread throughout the mass consciousness of humanity.

We now make way for another who wishes to speak.

It is I, the Beloved One. Continue to spend time with me each day and I will expand your awareness and bring you ever closer to the cosmic mind which will feed your soul and bring you to new vistas of enlightenment and bliss. It is I who will propel the advancement of your soul progression, and it is I who sets in motion the events that become the agents of change in your life. All you have to do is use your freedom to choose, and allow yourself to float down the river that leads to eternal life. Of course you can resist and take a longer, harder path, and that is permitted by the gift of free will, but there is also consequences

(interruption prevents the rest of the communication.)


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