Monday, December 29, 2008

Current Events

Good morning dear one. The Circle is here and it is I, Ophelius your assigned teacher come to speak with you this fine morning. Today we wish to speak to you about current events on Urantia and how the changing times have already begun to show forth the beginnings of spiritual development towards higher ideals and the seeds of Light and Life are peaking above the surface. There is tremendous spiritual pressure being applied on Urantia to move it in the direction of progress according to the plans of Christ Michael and the Correcting Time. There are so many of us here from all orders, planes, and planets--ascendant mortals to the highest order of archangel, monitoring, instructing, pleading, prodding--anything that can be done is being done to move man on his way to that most beautiful state of planetary evolution, Light and Life.

As you know from reading the book, Urantia has been handicapped so to speak, in terms of normal planetary evolution by way of the Lucifer rebellion, the default of your planetary prince, and the failure of the Adamic pair (Adam and Eve) to complete their mission. Urantia has suffered greatly for this and Christ Michael has personally made the Correcting Time a priority in the universe, to see his beloved Urantia join the systems of other planets who have come into the fold of light and glory.

Currently on your world, leaders are taking note of a change in human consciousness and are feeling the pressure to move away from war as a means of change and move towards leadership by example. We will be doing everything in our power to help foster this new movement, but we cannot do it for you, for the prerogative of free will must be allowed to work through the channels of evolution and natural law, but we of course do have influence on how the coin will flip so to speak.

The financial crisis as you call it, is the first step in this process of change, by where people will start to re-evaluate the importance of family and the beauty of nature and slowly turn away from the pursuit of materialism. The children being born into Urantia now will lead the way to this new brighter era. These “Indigo” as you call them, will be more in tune with spirit and by nature be more acclimated towards peace and beauty, love and respect for their brothers and sisters, and love of the Father. Their DNA is changing and becoming more like that which would have been if the Adamic blood line had been more infused into the populations all those thousands of years ago. Even now a spiritual enhancement to your DNA has been made available to many of you who have reached a certain spiritual threshold so to speak, and will help these workers of light take direction from on high, and lead man through the transition into this bold new era.

Urantia is not “out of the woods” so to speak, for there are many birthing pains ahead that will shock and cause great distress to men on the earth. Many will parish and to you it will seem that what I have just told you was a lie. But know this dear one, that all this must come to pass to usher in the new era of human life and consciousness. The old guard must change, the money changers must be removed from the temple and then new blood and new ideas will take hold--a new Urantia will rise from the ashes. This is the only way dear one, but fear not, for we are with you always and will ever be at your beck and call--to help and protect you and your family.

We must close now for you are weary and losing concentration. You are much loved dear one.

Good day,

The Circle of Seven


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