Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mansion Worlds

Good morning dear one. We missed our time together this week as you were so indisposed with keeping your family safe and warm during the extended period of the power outage. How wonderful you will find it here on the mansion worlds--for never will there be a time when you will need to struggle to keep warm or find sustenance--all that will remain with the flesh. Here you will work on the progress of yourself and helping others. Of course there is plenty of “time” to pursue many interests in the universe and visit the most sublime places that the Father has provided to astonish you. Never will you find boredom or mundane living here in eternity. There are no human words that can accurately describe life here on the mansion worlds. When you come here you will have a new set of faculties--the Morontia mind and with it added sensory perceptions so acute that communication with words is hardly needed.

The Morontia mind is so well suited to the human will here that you need only to will your desire to go here and there and so it is you are there. Your spirit vision is sharper than the eyes of an eagle, for you will see for hundreds of miles with the sharpest of details to dazzle the eye. Nearly everywhere you go you will hear music, sweet music that will bring you to the edge of ecstasy--for music is the language of knowledge here and we have many institutions devoted to the science of music. I’m sure this will be of great interest to you when you arrive.

I see in your mind that you are wondering if you will ever meet with me and the Circle when you arrive here--for sure my brother, it will be a heart felt joy to be standing on the shore waiting while your guide brings you safely home to where you belong--here with us your loving friends--what wonderful joyous times await dear one--but you must live in the Now in your place in the material world of time and space and train and grow and prepare your place in the next world. You cannot see it all from your vantage point how important it is to live upon the earth, for this is where you will “save your treasures in heaven,” and set a course for the soul to travel. It is so very important to listen to the still small voice of the Adjuster while in the flesh--listen attentively dear one and he will pilot you to the higher realms of light where you will one day transform into the most grand creature of ultimate god power when you fuse with the Father fragment--the Adjuster, and set sail for the central universe--the billion perfect spheres of the Havona system.

No dear one, you are asking if I, Ophelius has yet attained adjuster fusion? I have not, for I am still in the spheres of light that continue to have contact with the earth plane. I reside in the fifth sphere and soon I will progress into the higher spheres where the beings there are not so concerned any more with the earth plane. Those beings however, do still come down to the lower spheres to teach and bring initiates to the higher realms. You my dear one will foretaste the higher realms of my abode, I assure you, and it will ever so encourage you to progress to these high estates and drink the cup of everlasting love and beauty.

It is this calling from the Father that spurs us on to greater and greater heights, and it is this calling that drives us to help our brothers and sisters--to lift them up with us and share in the divine inheritance of the Father’s house.

We must end here dear one, for the connection is weakening and you must get on with your day. Good day dear one, for we are always near.

The Circle of Seven.


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