Sunday, January 11, 2009


Good morning dear one, it is wonderful to be with you this morning. It is I, Ophelius and the Circle, and we have prepared a lesson on thankfulness. What is thankfulness and how do we apply it spiritually speaking? Thankfulness is a form of worship when it is directed toward the Father and it is an attitude of appreciation to ones fellows or to the ministering spirits. Thankfulness is the highest form of humility and respect that a receiver can render in return for the love, kindness, service, or gifts freely given by the giver, be it one’s fellows or spiritual beings. This “payment” of thankfulness is truly a blessing to the giver and it brings joy to the heart and a sense of unity of spirit. Being thankful, even for painful lessons, shows great achievement in self-mastery. Your Guardian Seraphim delight in your acknowledgment and thankfulness for their kind and loving service, for these sensitive and affectionate beings rarely receive the payment of thankfulness from their charges and still they lovingly perform their duties behind the scenes in your behalf. Blessed are the thankful, for their treasures multiply in heaven.

What a blessing it is to hear the words, “thank you,” from a child after receiving a gift from his parents. Does it not bring joy to your heart? So too is the joy of the Father in Paradise to hear the words of thankfulness from his children when they are blessed. How all encompassing wise was the words of the Master Jesus when he said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” You see how this applies to being thankful? It is a benefit to the soul to be thankful and have gratitude for everything in your daily lives. Make a daily habit to start your prayers with a thankful heart and to direct those thoughts to the beings of that intention, be it of the Universal Father, The Creator Son, Mother Spirit, and or to the ministering spirits. This sets the vibrational tone for higher levels of sincere prayer and supplications that well up from deep in heart. It is the primer for focus of intent and purity of thought, which is most important when expressing the desires of the heart.

Go now dear one, and express the thankfulness of your heart, and pour out your blessings onto the hearts of your brothers and sisters and expect nothing in return, for your unseen Father knows of your selfless intent and purpose and will reward you with his blessings.

Good day,

The Circle of Seven.

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