Sunday, January 4, 2009

Survival Value

Good morning dear one, it is I, Ophelius and friends here to impart survival value teachings. What I mean by “survival value” are those things that will be retained after the shedding of the flesh, or “soul memory.” It is true that you will have complete recall of every moment of your earth life, but this recall will only be a record that is available for review at any time just as all memory of your eternal career will be available as you move throughout the spheres. Feelings of love, joy, gratitude, accomplishment--the connectedness you feel for another person, all these feelings of memory will be written into the soul and will become a part of who you are. All the baser passions of the lower animal nature will burn off with the shedding of the flesh unless those feelings become obsessions which will be brought across and be used as tools of correction for the continuation of soul progression.

There will be many souls who will have great feelings of regret and remorse for the selfish and surface life of purely material existence and the missed opportunities to reach out to their brothers and sisters in love, kindness, and charity. They could have reaped the recipical benefit of this love for another, but they let the lower nature dominate their passions and let the darkness snuff out the light of being. It is as the Master said, “there will be great weeping and gnashing of teeth,” For what so ever a man sow, for that will he reap. Sad but true will be the pain of regret and remorse, but it is not forever, for regret and remorse is the beginning of healing and the start of forward progression. For some, they will spend a long time in this darkened state until the obsessions and lower natures are purified by there own inner calling to move on to higher estates. Unfortunately the errors of religion have convinced many of these poor souls that their darkened situation is a permanent one and therefore they cannot escape the eternal punishment they deserve. This makes our job here so much more difficult as we send missionaries into the dark spheres to rescue the ones that wish to move on.

Love your life dear one and love the others around you. Let your light shine and uplift those that are downtrodden, for in doings so you not only help them, but you help yourself, and great will be your reward. For the building of the soul with those rich things of survival value will be your joy in the next life here in the spheres of light. The Master said, “save your treasures in heaven, for there is where your heart is.” The soul is the personality of the finer life in the spheres--save those survival value memories and feelings Now and you will “know yourself” when you arrive here. There will be many who come that will be but a blank slate for having saved little of the things of survival value, and they must then begin to learn and build from the foundation on up. Blessed are those that spend their time wisely on the earth plane, for greater will be their joy.

I must say good day dear one, for the connection is weakening. You are much loved and protected--we are always near.

The Circle of Seven


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