Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Flesh is Weak

Teacher: Ophelius

Today I will speak about what it means to have power over the flesh and to use the force of will to capitulate the lower nature for increased spiritual prowess.  “The flesh is weak, but the spirit is willing.”  The key word here is “willing.”  You must develop an awareness or become conscious of the conflict between the two natures.  When you are cognizant of this inner struggle, you have the opportunity to make decisions about the value of the outcome of actions taken.  The lower nature actions are predictable and have short term gratifications, where as the higher nature actions are less predictable and even surprising, but yield a lasting and more satisfying feeling of accomplishment because they feed the soul embryo, and that which is retained in the soul cannot be lost or forgotten--it becomes an eternal deposit.

It is not an easy thing my beloved, to willfully choose the way of spirit over the ways of flesh, and we all know and have our weaknesses.  We know these weaknesses and we indulge them willingly like a foolish parent who indulges a spoiled child to avoid the conflict and confrontation for doing what is easy rather than doing what is right.  Likewise, while we are doing these things, we know the outcome and we know the long term results will not bring satisfaction, but will lead to guilt and despair or unhealthy living.  

When you feel this weakness of flesh, call on spirit to help you overcome.  Your guides and guardians are ready and willing to do all they can to help you make those right choices if you will but give them ear.  As I have said before, spirit is bound by the law of free will, and spirit can not interfere with your free will decisions.  When you call on spirit for help, it is your will and decision that they intervene for you, and this they will do if only you ask.  So my beloved, there is much love and support all around you and it is a resource that only awakened minds have direct access too.  

Even the material minded sleepers will have their guardian angels who will create opportunities through hard lessons to jolt them from their erring path, but you need not take this road, for you who are knowingly on the path to perfection can avoid these unpleasant lessons and use the power of spirit to overcome the lower nature and build the weight of your soul.  When we choose the better way, we strengthen our spiritual muscle and our weaknesses have less power to influence our actions.

Take pause, my beloved, and look before you leap. Have faith that the creator knows what is best for you and it is His will that your joy be complete.  Use these spiritual resources that He provides to you and make straight the way to your perfection. 

Good day,

The Circle of Seven


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